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Do you review books? Do you prefer paperback or E-books for review?  Yes, I review books.  I don’t really have a preference.  As long as I accept a review, either is fine.

How do you rate your book reviews?  I do not use a number rating system for my reviews.  I prefer to read a book and share my thoughts.

I am an author and need help promoting a book, can you help?  In most cases I would be more than happy to find room in my blog for a blog spot, tour, cover reveal or interview.  I am also happy to share swag items sent to me at the authors expense.  I often share with local bookstores and libraries.

Do you have giveaways on your blog? Yes, authors that have blog hops on my blog often offer a giveaway.  Keep checking back for the latest contest or giveaway.

Do I need permission to copy your recipes to my blog?  Yes. I would appreciate you ask first, and please link back to my blog.

Do I need permission to use your photos?  Yes, please ask before you use a photo.  Thank you!!