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Grilled Nutella Fluff Sandwich

I, like most people enjoy Nutella.  I am always looking for a way to bring the tasty treat into my breakfast other than eating it by the jar full, I mean spoon full LOL.  I had fluff and Nutella and figured why not grill a sandwich up with two of my favorite things,  Have you ever just made up a sandwich or dish by what was on hand at your house,  Have you added your new recipe into your rotation,  I would love to hear what you came up with.

Grilled Nutella Fluff Sandwich

You will need


Marshmallow Fluff


Bread, I use wheat, use whatever you use for sandwiches.  I bet cinnamon bread would taste great


Heat a fry pan and spray with cooking spray butter both slices of bread on one side only on opposite sides spread Nutella and fluff, sandwich bread together butter side out and grill in fry pan until golden brown on both sides.

Easy Right!!  Enjoy!!


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