Taco Dip


If you’re having a Halloween party I have a dish for you, Taco Dip.  This is a quick recipe that tastes great.  I have family members that live out of town that request this dip when they visit.  Great for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.



You will need

Cream cheese 8 ounce package, you can use full fat, fat free, or whatever you normally use

Half head lettuce, cut in small pieces, washed and dried  ( I use a salad spinner)

Shredded Taco cheese, 8 ounce package.  You can also use cheddar cheese or any one of your favorite shredded cheese.  I prefer taco cheese

A bottle of taco sauce, in the Hispanic isle of your grocery store.  Ortega is what I use

Bag tortilla chips

Optional: green pepper, tomatoes, olives,  ½ package taco seasoning.


In a 9X9 glass pan or a glass pie plate place the 8 ounces of cream cheese.  Put in microwave for 20 seconds.  (optional, add ½ packet taco seasoning to cream cheese, mix in the pie plate or baking dish) Spread the cream cheese evenly in the baking dish.

On top of cream cheese, evenly place the lettuce, then layer the taco cheese, (optional, add tomatoes, pepper and olives now)

Drizzle taco sauce over the cheese layer.

Serve with tortilla chips


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  1. This taco dip looks great, I love any type of Mexican food. I am visiting you from melt in your mouth Monday link party. I have followed you on all venues and would love if you followed back -TIA-Stacy -WeDishItUp.com

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