Review: Luminite Color Changing Citronella Candle

It’s official, the mosquitos are out!  I love sitting out on my porch or in the backyard, but I hate getting eaten alive by mosquitos.  I am always on the lookout at my local stores for citronella candles to keep the pesky bugs away.  I like my citronella candles to do two jobs, keep bugs away & look good.  I found a candle that does both.  The Luminite Color Changing Citronella Candle with LED lights.  This light when lit will change colors right before your eyes.  Its such a fun décor piece for the yard.  I did notice the mosquitos were staying away once I lit the candle.  I will say that they stayed a good 5 feet away but more than that and I still notices those pesky bugs were hanging around.  If your looking to protect a large area I suggest you get a few.  I love the new design of the lantern type candle, it has a handle so you can hang this from a hook.  I really love these candles.  And I highly recommend.  As with all candles, use caution and never leave unattended.  These are for outdoor use only.

  • I received a candle for free to try, the opinions in this post are mine and honest.



2 thoughts on “Review: Luminite Color Changing Citronella Candle

    • The candle is working nicely, and it seems to be keeping sand flies away too. We have so many they even mentioned it on the news, so it was nice to find a product to keep them away. And it’s so pretty to watch, very relaxing.

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