I love cold drinks on a hot day.  When it gets really warm out sometimes you get bored of the same old drinks.  Well, not anymore!  I introduce you to ICEE Slush Pouches.  These delicious pouches come in four amazing flavors, orange, blue raspberry, cherry frost and fruit punch.  The first flavor my family and I tried was the cherry frost.  Our eyes got huge at the first sip, we were pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted.  Then we tried the other flavors.  I can’t choose which I like better.  The concept for this new frozen treat is once you buy the pouches, you freeze them, then once frozen you squeeze the pouch and drink.  Easy right!  This is so convenient.  You don’t need to get everyone in  hot car to go to he corner store, this treat is ready in your home in just a short time.   I think these would be great frozen and taken to the beach.  Not only do you have a great drink, but you have ice packs for your cooler, bonus!!   A great drink for Memorial Day, Graduations, 4th of July or just a hot day.  These really do taste great.  I highly recommend you try it.

  • I received this product free to try, the review and opinions in this blog are my own and honest.


4 thoughts on “Review: ICEE SLUSH POUCH

  1. This is a great idea for a product! I love getting myself a cherry or blue raspberry Icee from target, but I hate getting trapped in a $200 shame spiral shopping spree at the store. Now I can have the Icee in my freezer at all times to enjoy by the pool!

  2. Ooh…I loved Icees, but haven’t had one in a while. I’m glad to see that these are a convenient way to have them at home and I will have to look for them and try them out myself!

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