My Favorite Things: Yankee Candle Room Spray

I am a huge fan of Yankee Candle votive candles.  While going to the store for a votive sale I noticed the room sprays.  I bought one & have had a can on hand ever since.  The scents are great and they work fast.  If you have company over a nice spray of Macintosh Apple makes the house smell like a fresh baked apple pie.  These are great for restrooms and all other rooms in the home too.  As you can see today there is a sale on these yummy smelling scents.  But today, my favorite scent is the Sicilian Lemon Room Spray.  It almost reminds me of a lemon head, the smell is very similar and that makes this scent very nostalgic for me.  If your a fan of Yankee Candle, be sure to sign up for the FAN CLUB for a chance to earn more scents!!

**I am not affiliated with YC company.  The opinions are honest and my own.**


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