The Kids Are On Vacation, Now What??


This week is vacation time for most kids around the US.  Its hard to find ways to keep them occupied especially if its still too cold to go outside.  Some fun things to do are dust off those board games and play chutes and ladders, candy land, go fish or Pictionary.  Whatever you have will work, but part of the fun is when you play the games with them.  It always seems like housework is never done, but nothing is as important as making memories with your family.  A fun thing to do too is get candid photos of everyone having fun.  You can make a photo album of the things you did this week and share the photos next year at vacation time.

Another fun thing I like to do is teach the kids to cook or bake.  You can find a ton of recipes that are kid friendly on Pinterest.  You could do the heavy mixing, but its fun to have the kids help, this is also a great way to teach fractions with the use of measuring cups.

Check your town or city for free or 1/2 off admission to art galleries, zoos or museums.  I know in my area the zoo is only $5 per person with free parking.  That is a great deal and its always fun to see the animals.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have fun!!

Have a safe & Happy Vacation week!!

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