Recipe: Brownie Trifle

brownie trifle


This is a dessert that would be perfect for now or even Valentines Day.  You can even put red sugar crystals on top of the whip topping to make it more festive or just make as is.

Brownie Trifle 


  • 1 brownie mix (13-inch x 9-inch size) plus ingredients on the box
  • 2 packages the smaller size chocolate pudding mix, not the cooked one the instant
  • Milk, per directions on pudding
  • 2, 8 ounce containers cool whip, thawed


  • Bake brownies per directions
  • While that is baking, make the 2 boxes of pudding and take cool whip out to be sure it is thawed.
  • When brownies are complete, cool
  • Cut brownies in small bite size pieces
  • Layer brownies in small trifle bowls for individual ones or one big trifle bowl
  • Alternate, brownie, pudding cool whip until brownies are used and cool whip topping is on top layer.
  • Garnish with anything you choose, some suggestions are peppermint sticks crushed, peanut butter cups chopped, peanuts, sprinkles, M&M’s. Use your imagination, you can also put the candy in between the pudding and cool whip layers for more flavor.
  • Cool in fridge before serving





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