Vampire Cupcakes

vampire cupcakes

Halloween is just around the corner.  I have a fun treat for you today, Vampire Cupcakes!!  These are great for parties, school or just dessert.  Hope you enjoy!!

Decorating tips to make Vampire cupcakes.

Make your favorite cupcake recipe and white frosting. Here is a suggested recipe for frosting if you don’t already have a favorite.



1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened

3-4 cups confectioner sugar

¼ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Up to 4 tablespoons milk



Beat the softened butter for 2 minutes with the whisk attachment of a stand mixer.

Turn the mixer on lowest speed and add 3 cups of confectioner sugar

When the mix is blended, turn to medium speed,  add vanilla, salt and 2 tablespoons milk, beat for 3 minutes

Add the remaining sugar or milk as needed.  I did add all the sugar and milk to my mix.


Tips- do not microwave your butter, soften to room temperature. 

You may want to beat the mix for a few minutes until it incorporates.  I mixed it for about 3-4 extra minutes just to get the perfect taste and texture


Once you have made your cupcakes and frosted them, use red decorating gel from your local grocery store. Poke a small hole In the frosted cupcake frosting and squeeze tube until you get enough gel to drip from the hole make another hole to make it look like a vampire bite mark. (see picture)


For even fancier cupcakes, you can fill them with raspberry filling before you frost and then use the raspberry filling in a pastry bag with a small tip cut from a Ziploc bag and make holes just like you would with the gel.


Have a Happy October!!!



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