Sabrina York: Call Of The Wild Wind

call of the wind

A new hot historical from Sabrina York! On sale for 99¢

Call of the Wild Wind By Sabrina York

Though the world is convinced that Lady Britannia Halsey’s fiancé perished on the fields of Waterloo, she is certain he is still alive. And she is determined to find him…before her twenty-fifth birthday.

When the Earl of Wick sees a portrait of her beloved Peter, and claims he looks just like a wounded warrior working on his highland estate, it only seems logical to hie off to Scotland and meet this man.

To Britannia’s annoyance, she finds herself traveling with the Annoying Earl of Wick, a man who is far too attractive for her peace of mind. A man determined to seduce her…

Sequel to Tarnished Honor by Sabrina York

#Highland Hero #StubbornScot #DisguisedAsAMan Fun, funny and HOT! Read an excerpt and enter the giveaway here:


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