Recipe: Pecan Mudslide Pie

Pecan Mudslide Pie

I am a fan of Dairy Queens Pecan Mudslide, I have found that in my area not all stores make it anymore.  I decided I wanted to try to make it at home, but then thought why not make it an ice cream pie instead.  It turned out way better than I thought it would.  It tastes as good as the photo looks.  DQ closes for the season in just a few weeks, so if you need a fix this is worth a try.

Pecan Mudslide Pie

Pecan Mudslide Pie

1 pie crust, bottom only baked per directions

1 gallon vanilla ice cream

1 bag of chopped pecans, I got the smaller size bag from Aldi’s, that worked.  You can use more or less

caramel sauce, about 3/4 cup total

optional: whip cream for serving


Bake your pie crust per directions.  Let cool completely.  Take ice cream out to slightly soften

Add 1/2 cup caramel to the bottom of the pie crust, spread carefully & evenly.

Add 1/2 the pecans to the bottom of the crust, spread evenly

Add the slightly soft ice cream to the crust, spread gently in the crust.

Top the ice cream with remaining caramel, pouring in a design that you like, see photo for ideas.

Add remaining pecans to the top as a garnish.

Optional:  serve with whipped topping.

Tip:  If not eating it all, this freezes well covered with saran wrap.



7 thoughts on “Recipe: Pecan Mudslide Pie

  1. I came across this post and only thing missing is hot fudge..I’m also a huge fan of DQ mudslide It’s not on the menu any longer but if you ask they will make it, I’m of course addicted to it and I can’t wait to try your pie version of it, wished I thought of this myself.

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