Uncharted Reality by Izzy Szyn Available Now!!!



Ricki Temple always loved reality television. When she is given the chance to take part in a reality show, she doesn’t think twice. But this show is on the planet Imhotep, starring Draco and Nyssa, Imhotep’s top reality stars. When her final audition is interrupted by someone that shouldn’t want to do her harm, Draco, Nyssa and the mysterious Sir come to her rescue.
Join Ricki’s adventure as she discovers close encounters of the sexy kind.



Thanks!!!Yes she thought, finally. Ricki slid her hand down her stomach, lightly tickling it with her nails. Pushing two fingers inside her wet heat. It was hard to resist rubbing, her g-spot. It was so so tempting. Thinking that they wouldn’t know, Ricki gave into the urge. Her moan slipped out before she could stop it. But it felt so good.
“Sir, I don’t believe that Ricki was given permission to do anything else than to dip her fingers in and show us how wet her fingers are,” Nyssa said.
“You are correct,” the man Nyssa called Sir answered.
Shit, busted. “Sorry,” Ricki lied silently crossing her fingers. Hoping they believed her.
“No, you are not sorry,” Sir chuckled. “You are going to be a handful, in the best sense of the word. Now, Draco says show us your fingers.”
Ricki was getting more turned on by the second. Sliding her fingers out, she held her shiny fingers in front of the camera on her laptop. She saw Draco and Nyssa’s eyes flare. She knew they wanted to taste them.
“Have you ever tasted yourself?” Sir asked. “Draco says you may answer.”

Available to purchase from Amazon now.




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