Review: With a Bullet by Jacki Moss


Title: With A Bullet

Author: Jacki Moss

Paperback: 238 pages
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (February 24, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1509205365
ISBN-13: 978-1509205363

Source: I received a copy of this book for the purpose of an honest review.


Cafton Merriepennie is smart, compassionate, loyal, eccentric, and reclusive. He is also the preeminent songwriter in Nashville in the late 1960s.
His childhood in a small Alabama town was tumultuous at best, treacherous at worst. When his mama was electrocuted on a honky-tonk stage, fifteen-year-old Cafton was on his own. Due to his grit and wits, he overcomes all odds and lands in Nashville, determined to fulfill his mama’s dream of becoming famous.
And his plans are successful — until the bodies of three female songwriters who worked in his club are found in his best friend and business partner’s hometown, and the police come knocking on Cafton’s door in the middle of the night and haul away a beaten and bloodied suspect. The spotlight may have shifted to Cafton and his friend in the murder investigation, but nothing is that simple or easy in the music industry.


Cafton and his mother were running from his abusive father when they found themselves in Nashville chasing a dream.  Cafton’s mother had always wanted to be a star.  Always in the background he learned the ropes and wanted to help other artists make it big, all while still chasing the dream of making his mother a star.  All was well when a dead body shows up and threatens to ruin a dream.

I enjoyed reading this book.  It takes you back to when Cafton was a young boy and brings you to adulthood where things start looking up for him and his business partners when things take a wrong turn.  I enjoyed the kindness of the male characters.  The fact they helped the homeless and they were kind to the women singers when most others would have taken advantage made him a favorite character of mine.  I also got a kick out of menu items like derby pie and cat head biscuits, never hearing of them before I looked up recipes and they look delicious.  I will definitely be making them.  My only recommendation is that the author add the recipes in the back of the book.  But as you may know I love recipes.  This is a really good read, I would recommend.


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