April Fools

Just thought I would share some April fun with you.

April Fools Movie

april fools day

Did you know there is a movie dedicated to April fools called APRIL FOOLS DAY?  It was made in 1986.

Heiress Muffy invites preppie friends to her family’s island for practical jokes, but a slasher ruins the fun.

Fake Potato

Want to fake your friends and/or family.  Make this fake potato, made from ice cream,


April Fools Ice Cream Flavors

the ice cream flavor for this year’s April Fools ????

For the last few years, Tom Wahl’s has made an April Fool’s day ice cream flavor.

2011 – Italian Sausage w/ Peppers & Onions 2012 – Grilled Cheese 2013 – BBQ Pulled Pork 2014 – ???? Read more

Would you ever try these flavors???  I think I will stick to mint chocolate chip.

Hope you all have a fun filled day!!


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