My Favorite Blogs

I am often asked what blogs I like to visit and where are the best recipe and book sites.  Well here are a few of my favorites.  this site has recipes and giveaways every other week or more.

reviews by Crystal  Crystal has book posts and many contests.  She also has a family emergency now and has info on her blog on how you could help.

The Reading Addict I have had a lot of luck on this blog.  There are contests usually a few a week and all you need to do is comment and/or fill out a quick rafflecopter.  A lot of great authors on this site sharing new releases.

Caridad Pinero is a great author and she loves chatting with fans.  There are recipes on this site too.

Sugar Spice And Family Life this site offers a recipe link.  You can find over 100 recipes weekly on link day.  A great site to find food bloggers that cook the way you do for yourself & your family.

Izzy Szyn’s blog this is a new EROTIC writer, and yes it is in capital letters for a reason, VERY STEAMY!!

Please feel free to share your favorite site links.  I love finding new blogs.


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