#Airheads Crafts experience!

I had the privilege of receiving Air Heads candies and supplies for FREE from http://www.smiley360.com to join the  #AirheadsCrafts experience!  I am a huge fan of Lisa Renee Jones and the Inside Out Series.  The series mentions an art gallery and roses often, and the book is coming soon to cable television.  I decided to run with the book theme and make rainbow roses.

air heads roses

To Make the roses you need: (makes one rose)

1 sucker stick

1 air head bite

2 airheads

1 air heads extreme sweet and sour candy

a pizza cutter

  1.  get supplies together
  2. take sucker stick, one air head & one air head bite, place on a clean surface
  3. take stick and wrap the airhead in half to secure on the stick
  4. add bite to middle of rose, finish wrapping air head around stick.
  5. take second air head wrap around the first to make a rose, play with the air head to make rose petal look.
  6. now that rose is complete get the air head extreme
  7. using pizza cutter slice the air head extreme so you are left with the color of your choice to make a bow.
  8. carefully make a small bow around the sucker stick right under rose.

I suggest making a few and adding to a small clean vase for serving.


***I received free air heads to make this project, opinions are my own***




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