Denial by Lisa Renee Jones coming soon!!!

Denial butterfly tattoo

Fans of Lisa Renee Jones may already know that Denial, Careless Whispers book 1 is coming soon, November 24, 2015 to be exact.  I have read the first chapter of the series on her blog and I love the book already.  If your unfamiliar with the series, Ella was introduced to us in the Inside Out Series.  If I Were You is the first book where we learn Ella buys a storage unit and passed it off to a friend Sara.  That is where the fun begins.

I actually first fell in love with The Inside Out Series before I even read it.  The author explained to the fans that in real life her husband and her used to bid on storage lockers and in one they found old diaries.  Lisa’s hubby suggested she write a book about finding journals and the rest is history.  The Inside Out series is now complete, but Ella’s story was still not written, until now.  Lisa Renee Jones has written book one Denial coming soon and we will get to hear all about Ella and what she was doing when Sara was looking for her.

I recommend both series to Romantic Suspense fans.  The writing also had a bit of Erotic and a window scene that is not to be missed.  For the full story on how the series was thought up please stop by Lisa’s site.  The buy links and chapter one of Denial can also be found there.

Happy Reading!!


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