124 Days Until Christmas!!!

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Most people don’t want to hear about Christmas until Thanksgiving when a lot of people venture out to do Black Friday shopping.  I personally like to do my Black Friday shopping from my home on my trusty computer.  Nothing is worth going out in the crazy crowds.  That is what brings me to todays post.  With only 124 days left, we have plenty of time to start saving for Christmas & we even have time to start shopping now.  This is the time to get the easy gifts out of the way.

Do you purchase teacher gifts? Once you find out if your child’s teacher is male or female you can start shopping.  Pinterest has a lot of cute ideas for teacher gifts.  If your child goes to religion, bible study or is involved in sports and needs to get gifts you can start shopping now or  start saving money for gift cards.  Do you bake and give your homemade treats as gifts?  Now is the time to stock up on containers for cookies or chocolate chips, Aldi’s has great tasting chocolate morsels for half the cost at other stores.  Do you use gift bags?  Dollar Tree has an assortment of colors that you can purchase now & have them on hand.  Don’t know where to store these things, Dollar Tree also has a garment bag that you can buy & store all your gift wrap supplies in a closet or behind a door.

Save on Christmas Decorations.  With the weather still nice, go through your decorations now.  Check to see if you need new lights.  If you have broken strands of lights, hold onto them.  The last few years at the beginning of November Home Depot has a Christmas light exchange.  In the past they have had a coupon good for $3.00 off a set of lights.  Last year I was able to purchase 5 strands of LED lights for only $3.00 per set with a coupon.  There was a limit of 5 and you need to bring in 5 strands of old lights, but it was worth it.  Bonus, you are recycling old lights.  Another way to save on décor is keeping the stuff you  have in good condition.  Purchase the large totes & store things in them to keep them from getting wet or destroyed by pets.

Best advice, Don’t get overwhelmed, we do still have 124 days left, so start early take it slow so you can enjoy the holidays & not stress over them.

Have a wonderful week!!!


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