Review: Mommie Dearest By Christina Crawford


If you ask me what my favorite movie is, depending on what time of year it is, I will either say A Christmas Story or Mommie Dearest.  The movie has some of the best quotes.

joan dont f with me

joan wire hangers

While this movie makes for great quotes, you have to think to yourself, someone lived this life.  I saw Cristina Crawford on a game show type program and got more interested in her real and full story.  That was when I started my quest to find the book Mommie Dearest.

I started enjoying other authors works and became on line friends with many great people.  I figured all of these book lovers here, let me put out the question.  Does anyone know where I can find the book Mommie Dearest?  I received an email from a wonderful friend and blogger, The Reading Addict.  The blogger from The reading addict graciously gifted me a copy of the book.  I am a fast reader, but decided to take this story slow.  The depth of abuse this poor girl endured at such a young age, by both her mother and peers and caretakers is horrendous. But today I decided I would finally sit down and completely read the book.  I was shocked to see that child abuse was swept under the rug especially for a high profile actress such as Joan Crawford.  She seemed to have many demons and unfortunately died without letting her children feel they know who the real Joan was.  I go back to the movie when one of Christina’s many “uncles” tells her to stop acting, the character just cries on the bed saying, “I’m not Acting”.  After reading the book, I get the sense that’s all she knew how to do.  This book was written in 1978 and I do hope Christina Crawford is living her happiest life.  If you can get your hands on this book I suggest you read it.  Thank you to my friend for the gift of reading this book!!!


One thought on “Review: Mommie Dearest By Christina Crawford

  1. Thanks for the mention, I am glad you finally were able to savor the book, although I am sure it was a bittersweet experience. You definitely have two extremes between your favorite movies–I think I will stick with my fantasy and romance movies, lol.

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