Christmas In July Party Ideas

I love any excuse to throw a party.  Since the official day for Christmas in July is July 25th, I enjoy using that day for my party.

Some ideas for a Christmas theme party in July is have a “snowball” fight.  You can purchase white balloons from Dollar Tree or Family Dollar type stores fairly inexpensively and fill them with water for a snowball war.

Slice a watermelon and then using Christmas cookie cutters, cut shapes like trees or candy canes.

Bake Christmas Cookies or if it’s hot you can make no bake treats like Rice Krispie Treats or strawberry shortcake with store bought cake.  Add green sprinkles on the whip cream topping for a festive look.

And my last suggestion is watch a Christmas theme movie.  Elf is actually scheduled to be on TV the 25th, so your all set!!

Whatever you do just have fun.  Enjoy your Christmas in July!




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