Review: Smexy Phantasies by Izzy Szyn

smexy phantasies

TITLE: Smexy Phantasies

AUTHOR: Izzy Szyn

  • Publisher: Hot Ink Press
  • Publication Date: June 17, 2015

GENRE: bisexual romance

Source:  This book was received from the author for an honest review.


Rachel Nichols works at the switchboard with her best friend Lisa Farmer for a local television station. Lisa and Rachel have been best friends since the second grade and have done almost everything together. The one thing they never admitted, though, is that they are attracted to each other.
Money is tight for both of them, Lisa’s mom was in a bad car accident and has a bunch of medical bills and Rachel’s mom has a gambling problem. Lisa recently started a second job to help with the bills. The job? She works at Smexy Studios making sex videos with people who have fantasies. When her shoot is canceled, she gets Rachel to come and shoot the video with her.
Justin Abernathy and Steve Westmoreland, like Rachel and Lisa, have been best friends since elementary school. Justin is the quarterback and Steve the running back for the same professional football team and they are secretly lovers. When rumors start to circulate about their relationship, Justin and Steve enlist the help of Rachel and Lisa to pretend that they are lovers. They decide to make a video that will be “leaked” to the media.


Rachel and Lisa have been friends since grade school.  They are best friends and co-workers.  Both Rachel and Lisa have money issues that stem from their mothers.  Rachel’s gambling crazy mother and Lisa’s mom that is the complete opposite.  Lisa has been moonlighting at Smexy Studios where she films adult movies.  The studio was short a female and Lisa decided to ask best friend Rachel if she would join her in a sex scene.  The two have always had an unspoken attraction, when the camera turns on so do the girls!!

This is a Hot, Steamy read.  It is what I have come to expect from this new author.  I found this read very enjoyable & not only is it an erotic ride, but it has romance, friendship and even a bit of mystery in the storyline.  I love to see the details emerge and I am eagerly awaiting book two. A great read.

This book contains F/F  and M/M situations.

Christmas In July Party Ideas

I love any excuse to throw a party.  Since the official day for Christmas in July is July 25th, I enjoy using that day for my party.

Some ideas for a Christmas theme party in July is have a “snowball” fight.  You can purchase white balloons from Dollar Tree or Family Dollar type stores fairly inexpensively and fill them with water for a snowball war.

Slice a watermelon and then using Christmas cookie cutters, cut shapes like trees or candy canes.

Bake Christmas Cookies or if it’s hot you can make no bake treats like Rice Krispie Treats or strawberry shortcake with store bought cake.  Add green sprinkles on the whip cream topping for a festive look.

And my last suggestion is watch a Christmas theme movie.  Elf is actually scheduled to be on TV the 25th, so your all set!!

Whatever you do just have fun.  Enjoy your Christmas in July!



Review: What She Really Wants

what she really wants

TITLE: What She Really Wants

AUTHOR: Barbara Delinsky


  • Print Length: 26 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
  • Publication Date: May 5, 2015

SOURCE: I purchased this book for my collection.


Is it really the thought that counts? Sarah Markham loves her husband Tom. They’ve been married for eighteen happy years, but on some level, she worries that he doesn’t see her as she really is. And nowhere is this more evident than in his gift giving. It’s not for any lack of love–Tom adores Sarah and spends lavishly–but he never quite surprises her with the perfect something. Enough. This year, when their anniversary rolls around, Sarah tells him, “I want you to think and to look at me and to see who I really am and what I really want.Can Tom rise to the challenge? Will he be able to get Sarah what she really wants? Find out in this delightful 16-page short story, a gift to you from bestselling author Barbara Delinsky.


This is a cute short story about a couple about to celebrate a wedding anniversary.  The wife challenges her husband to really look and her and see what she loves most.  In his journey the husband finds out what makes him love his wife and have a better understanding of her.

This is, as of now, a free AMAZON read.  I picked up this free book to try this author before purchasing.  I am pleased to say I am very happy with the authors style of writing,  Since it is free and short, only a few pages, I do recommend you read it.

Review: Dead Men Don’t Talk: A Daisy Red-Tail Novel


TITLE: Dead Men Don’t Talk: A Daisy Red-Tail Novel

AUTHOR: Deb Sanders


Publication Date: May 5, 2015

ASIN: B00X780RG4

GENRE: cozy mystery

SOURCE: Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review


 cozy style mystery with a heaping spoonful of Southern humor.

When feisty Southern Belle and caterer, Daisy O’Connor is drawn into a missing person search on a Native American reservation, she realizes it will take more than Sweet Tea to convince the locals to talk.

Daisy swore she’d never return to Piney Creek Indian Reservation after her step-father tried to kill her, and she kept that vow for fifteen years – until adopted Lakota grandfather, Charlie Tall Tree summons her to find his missing grandson. Upon arrival, Daisy polishes up her best Southern accent and finds it charms everyone . . . except John Greyhawk, Deputy Chief of Tribal Police.

Greyhawk proves a thorn in her side as Daisy attempts to unravel the mystery behind Eddie Black Crow’s disappearance. A few “white lies” and a slice of Chocolate Cola Cake later, she determines the big brute’s heart is as cold as a frog’s behind . . . and just as unpleasant. To further complicate the situation, Eddie’s ghost appears with a series of cryptic messages. Things turn dark when the investigation uncovers a more sinister situation, one that might send Daisy home – in a body bag.

Added Bonus!!!

Recipe for Daisy’s Chocolate Cola Cake


When Daisy and her mother fled the Reservation years before due to Daisy almost being killer by her Step-Father, she never thought she would return. Daisy’s step-brother seemed to be in trouble again so Daisy packed up and left her catering job, not knowing what the reservation had in store for her. Daisy would soon find out she fled more then an evil step-father when she left.

This was a great cozy read!! I enjoyed all of the characters and I enjoyed the way her adopted Grandfather taught her through old stories. The storyline was interesting and I enjoyed the budding friendships and possible future romance. I love the added recipe, Coca-Cola Cake, at the end of the book. I will definitely give it a try. if you are a cozy mystery lover you should definitely give this book a try!!

Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

Yankee Candle Fan Club

yankee candle

If your like me, you love candles.  I love to celebrate seasons with the delicious scents of Yankee Candles.

My favorite go to scents are Macintosh Apple, red raspberry and anything pumpkin.  One of my new favorite things is that Yankee Candle now had a fan club.  It’s easy to join and you earn points when you purchase candles, refer friends and there are other ways to earn gift cards for the store.

If you have not joined yet, visit YANKEE FAN CLUB to check it out.

**I am not affiliated with YC company.  The opinions are honest and my own.**