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Review: Guarding Me By Megan Slayer



TITLE: Guarding Me

AUTHOR: Megan Slayer

  • Print Length: 67 pages
  • Publisher: Shara Azod, LLC; First Edition edition (October 10, 2013)

GENRE: Romance

SOURCE: This book was given to me as a prize.  All thoughts are my own and I was not compensated for the review.


Starting over is never easy, but sometimes it’s the best way to heal a broken heart.

Maya McCombs thought she had her life planned out—decent guy, a baby on the way and a solid job. That is until her plans blew up. Being single and pregnant isn’t high on her list, but she’s got to survive. No one said surviving meant she’d have to do it alone.

Master Sergeant Levi Court had big plans, too. He followed the woman he loved to a new state and a whole new set of circumstances. Too bad she wasn’t interested in keeping the relationship going. On a whim, he heads to the Dinner Plate Diner. Maya is all he’s ever wanted in a woman. Can he prove to her that two hearts, no matter how broken, can be stronger together?


When Maya was at work as a waitress never did she imagine that the father of her unborn child would just tell her he was leaving.  He had packed up and left after a 5 year relationship.

Still at work, in walks in a handsome wrestler type hottie.  Maya couldn’t help but find him attractive.  Little did she know the sexy stranger was checking her out and liking what he saw.  Before Levi, the stranger in the diner left, Maya’s co-worker told Levi where she would be and that he should look for her.

After a hot night the two became inseparable.  Could this really be love at first sight.  If not love definitely lust.

A great read!  I read the book in one sitting.  It moves at a fast pace, but you get plenty of background to understand both people and get to know what makes them tick.  I enjoyed to progression of the romance.  This book is filled with a lot of sex along with the romance, which makes it a steamy read.  I feel it is well worth reading.

Heat Rating: Hot